Turn Your Budtenders Into Cannabis Concierges!

Budtenders are your cannabis customer’s first point of contact within your dispensary and can make or break a dispensary customer’s experience.

For patients with actual medical conditions, a budtender’s role should be recognized for the important impact it plays in people’s lives. In this regard, a dispensary needs to make the effort and genuine investment in building their staff to create the best customer experience and a long-term relationship with medical patients.

Recent research suggests that there is room for significant improvement in budtender training. In 2016, the Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal posted a study called “Training and Practices of Cannabis Dispensary Staff”, and the gap in training and practice was jaw-dropping.

Of the respondents to the study’s survey, only 55% of dispensary staff indicated that they have had formal training for their roles. Of this 55%, only 20-30% had any medical-related training, yet 94% of the respondents were making recommendations of cannabis strains to treat medical conditions. Scary!!!

Susan provides training to dispensary staff in either an online or live format. The content of the training includes:

  • Cannabis as a therapeutic option
  • History of cannabis as medicine
  • The endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works in the body
  • Product quality/safety and descriptions of the products used by Sessions
  • Smoking vs vaping
  • Methods of consumption, and what to use, when (topical, sublingual, suppository, etc.)
  • Dosing: The most important component for a successful cannabis experience
  • Cannabis for specific conditions (insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s Cancer. Alzheimer’s, etc.)
  • How to manage breakaway pain
  • Cannabis safety/addiction/reduction of harm
  • Cannabinoids, terpenes and the entourage effect
  • The cannabis plant (some call it the sacred plant) components
  • Raw cannabis: the superfood of superfoods

Core messages of the training include:

  • Cannabis is a legitimate therapeutic option
  • Cannabis is safe and non-toxic
  • Only use safe and vetted products
  • Dosing: more is not necessarily better
  • Options for methods of consumption; there’s something for everyone
  • Cannabis can be used for many issues
  • Dispel myths; bring cannabis into the light
  • Cannabis is a personalized medicine, but it doesn’t work for everyone

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