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Hello, and thank you for visiting Nurse Susan’s “Book an Appointment” page.

Making an appointment with Susan is your first step towards learning how cannabis can benefit a medical issue you are dealing with.

Susan works with patients with the following medical conditions and other symptoms or issues:

o   Chronic pain

o   Insomnia

o   Cancer

o   Epilepsy

o   Depression

o   Essential Tremor

o   PTSD

o   Aging

o   Menstrual cramps/discomfort

o   Diabetes

o   Anxiety

o   Fibromyalgia

o   Auto-immune diseases (Lupus, Crohn’s, MS)

o   Neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS)

o   Weight loss/Weight gain

o   Opiate addiction

o   Arthritis/Inflammation

As with any treatment plan, discovering the right approach, products and dosing that works for you is a process. Your cannabis journey begins with education and assessment. Susan educates and consults with clients on:

  • The endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works in their body and is specific to their disease or issue
  • How to select safe and reliable products
  • The dosing process
  • The risks and benefits of cannabis
  • Identifying drug interactions and avoiding unwanted side effects
  • Understanding that cannabis is a treatment within a continuum of care which involves interacting components and being able to integrate cannabis with the client’s current treatment choices and lifestyle.

With this knowledge clients can make informed decisions about their cannabis regimen.

PLEASE NOTE – Unless you are already a cannabis or tobacco smoker, Susan rarely recommends smoking cannabis as part of a treatment approach. She will typically recommend vaping, sublingual sprays, oils, topicals, edibles or suppositories. She recommends both CBD and THC based products, depending on the condition. She is very sensitive to patients whom do not want to feel “high’ and makes a treatment plan accordingly.

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New Patient Consultation – What to Expect

  1. Introduction into cannabis treatment, if needed.
  2. Review of your medical history and diagnosis. (Completion of a medical history and intake form)
  3. Review of your current/past treatments along with medications/supplements.
  4. Instructions on how to become a legal patient along with a paid recommendation (if applicable).
  5. Which application of medical cannabis is best for you and why.
  6. A medical cannabis or cannabis oil treatment plan.
  7. What to expect when treating yourself with medical cannabis.
  8. Freedom to guide your consultation in the direction that best suits you!

Patient Follow-up Consultation

  1. Review of your current progress, symptoms and response to the current medical cannabis treatment plan and journal along with medications/supplements.
  2. Recommendations for changes to your dosages or treatment as needed.
  3. Answer any questions or concerns that you have.

To make an appointment with Susan:

  • Contact us at
  • Use the “Contact” button on this page
  • Call for information at 310-701-4373
  • Payment arrangements must be made at the time of scheduling the initial consultation to receive a confirmed appointment.


Consultation Fees

  • Initial Consultation and first month of unlimited follow-up consultation (May include home visit*, phone, Facetime or Skype)  – $350
  • Follow-up consultation – For each subsequent month of unlimited consultation (Phone, Facetime or Skype)  – $150

*  For home visits requiring more than a 30 minute drive there is an additional $100 travel fee. This will be discussed at the time of scheduling the initial appointment.